Lottery Results

First Draw Saturday 4th April 2020.     Last Draw Saturday 19st Sept 2020

Week Number :Name:Ball No:
1B Walker25
2D Waite50
3Chris and Steve Ross26
4A Charter36
5M Maltby47
6A Adamson59
7D & A Crimlisk34
8R Malton54
9J Purdy45
10J Thundercliffe33
11R Dickens42
12S Purdy13
13C Watson12
14S Purdy13
15J Purdy22
16J Davies30
17D Chrichton15
18J Purdy22
19D Pryce41
20P Gosling21
21C Watson12
22S Bell16
23R Malton 32
24S Wilkinson14
25R Holmes56

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