2020 Competition Results

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Christmas Competition

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Christmas Competition Week [4] Fixtures

Monday 4th January10amKen Marshall21Geoff Dawson15
Tuesday 5th January10amRita BlandVoidCaroline WatsonVoid
Tuesday 5th January10amGeoff Dawson6Ken Marshall21
Tuesday 5th January11amMick GatesBarrie Watson
Tuesday 5th January11amShaughan TemplePete Charter
Tuesday 5th January12pmDave WaiteBarry Gosling
Tuesday 5th January1pmEric Truman19Les Ramm21
Tuesday 5th January1pmHazel MarshallHeather Parkin
Wednesday 6th January11amBarry GoslingCaroline Watson
Wednesday 6th January11amHazel MarshallGordon McKeown
Wednesday 6th January12pmJohn LloydShaughan Temple
Wednesday 6th January12pmGeoff Dawson13Kev Moss21
Wednesday 6th January1pmAlan MarshallLes Ramm
Wednesday 6th January1pmKen MarshallHeather Parkin
Thursday 7th January10amCaroline WatsonDave Waite
Thursday 7th January10amKen MarshallGordon McKeown
Thursday 7th January11amShaughan TempleBarrie Watson
Thursday 7th January11amGeoff DawsonHazel Marshall
Thursday 7th January12pmMick GatesPete Charter
Thursday 7th January12pmKeith WatsonVoidRita BlandVoid
Thursday 7th January1pmRay MaltonAlan Marshall
Thursday 7th January1pmEric TrumanTrish Jenkinson
Thursday 7th January2pmJohn LloydMick Gates
Thursday 7th January2pmKev MossHeather Parkin
Friday 8th January10amKeith WatsonBarry Gosling
Friday 8th January10amDave WaiteVoidRita BlandVoid
Friday 8th January11amKev MossGordon McKeown
Friday 8th January11amHazel MarshallKen Marshall
Friday 8th January1pmJohn LloydPete Charter
Friday 8th January1pmLes RammTrish Jenkinson
Sunday 10th January (SF)1pm
Sunday 10th January (F)

Christmas Competition Week [3] Fixtures

Monday 28th December11amHeather Parkin15Kev Moss21
Monday 28th December11amGeoff Dawson7Hazel Marshall21
Tuesday 29th December10amBarrie Watson21John Lloyd17
Tuesday 29th December10amCaroline Watson6Barry Gosling21
Tuesday 29th December11amPete Charter21Mick Gates11
Tuesday 29th December11amKev Moss21Geoff Dawson19
Tuesday 29th December12pmTrish Jenkinson13Ray Malton21
Tuesday 29th December12pmRita BlandVoidDave WaiteVoid
Tuesday 29th December1pmHazel Marshall21Ken Marshall10
Tuesday 29th December1pmEric Truman11Alan Marshall21
Wednesday 30th December10amTrish Jenkinson8Les Ramm21
Wednesday 30th December10amHeather Parkin13Gordon McKeown21
Wednesday 30th December11amPete Charter20John Lloyd21
Wednesday 30th December11amGeoff Dawson21Gordon McKeown19
Wednesday 30th December3pmBarrie Watson21Shaughan Temple18
Thursday 31st December10amPete Charter12Barrie Watson21
Thursday 31st December10amKeith WatsonCaroline Watson
Thursday 31st December11amGordon McKeownKev Moss
Thursday 31st December11amJohn LloydBarrie Watson
Thursday 31st December12pmBarry GoslingVoidRita BlandVoid
Thursday 31st December12pmLes RammRay Malton
Thursday 31st December1pmGeoff DawsonHeather Parkin
Friday 1st January10amKeith Watson21Dave Waite11
Friday 1st January10amRay Malton21Eric Truman14
Friday 1st January12pmKev Moss21Hazel Marshall18
Friday 1st January12pmAlan MarshallTrish Jenkinson
Friday 1st January1pmMick Gates9Shaughan Temple21
Friday 1st January1pmGordon McKeown4Ken Marshall21

Christmas Competition Week [2] Fixtures

Tuesday 22nd December10amDave Waite21Caroline Watson12
Tuesday 22nd December10amBarry Gosling21Keith Watson14
Tuesday 22nd December11amAlan Marshall14Ray Malton21
Tuesday 22nd December12pmKen Marshall11Kev Moss21
Tuesday 22nd December12pmTrish Jenkinson12Eric Truman21
Tuesday 22nd December1pmMick Gates21John Lloyd18
Wednesday 23rd December11amLes Ramm21Eric Truman13
Wednesday 23rd December11amHeather ParkinKen Marshall
Wednesday 23rd December1pmGordon McKeownGeoff Dawson

Christmas Competition Week [1] Fixtures

Tuesday 15th December10amCaroline Watson21Keith Watson10
Tuesday 15th December10amMick Gates11Shaughan Temple21
Tuesday 15th December11amBarrie Watson8Pete Charter21
Tuesday 15th December11amRita BlandVoidBarry GoslingVoid
Tuesday 15th December12pmAlan Marshall21Eric Truman15
Tuesday 15th December12pmRay Malton21Trish Jenkinson14
Tuesday 15th December1pmHazel Marshall21Kev Moss18
Wednesday 16th December11amGordon McKeown20Heather Parkin21
Thursday 17th December10amBarrie Watson19Mick Gates21
Thursday 17th December11amCaroline WatsonVoidRita BlandVoid
Thursday 17th December11amTrish Jenkinson13Alan Marshall21
Thursday 17th December12pmDave Waite21Keith Watson19
Thursday 17th December12pmShaughan Temple20Pete Charter21
Thursday 17th December1pmRay Malton12Les Ramm21
Thursday 17th December1pmHeather Parkin11Hazel Marshall21
Friday 18th December10amBarry Gosling21Dave Waite14
Friday 18th December10amGordon McKeown17Hazel Marshall21
Friday 18th December12pmEric Truman11Ray Malton21
Friday 18th December12pmKen Marshall21Kev Moss10
Friday 18th December1pmRita BlandVoidKeith WatsonVoid
Friday 18th December1pmShaughan Temple17John Lloyd21
Friday 18th December2pmLes Ramm21Alan Marshall12
Saturday 19th December10amHeather Parkin9Geoff Dawson21

Christmas 2020 Competition League Table

GROUP AShaughan Temple597
Pete Charter595
Barrie Watson590
John Lloyd477
Mick Gates573
GROUP BDave Waite467
Keith Watson464
Barry Gosling363
Caroline Watson339
GROUP CRay Malton6117
Les Ramm5105
Eric Truman7104
Alan Marshall589
Trish Jenkinson560
GROUP DKev Moss7133
Hazel Marshall6123
Ken Marshall6105
Geoff Dawson7102
Gordon McKeown581
Heather Parkin569

October Competition

October Competition Final Results

Tuesday 3rd November10amColin RoddaVOIDEric TrumanVOID
10amKen Marshall13Pete Charter21
11amDave Waite21Keith Watson20
11amJean Cass21Hazel Marshall15
Friday 6th November10amJean Cass14Les Ramm21
10amLiam Vasey21John Lloyd13
11amHazel Marshall21Alan Marshall9
2pmPete HodgsonVOIDColin RoddaVOID
Geoff Dawson20Kev Daplyn21
Sunday 20th December
Semi FinalsLes Ramm13P Charter21
Shaughan Temple12Caroline Watson21
FinalCaroline Watson21P Charter7

October Competition Previous Week Fixtures

Monday 26th Oct10amHeather Parkin11Barry Gosling21
10amRobin Daplyn5Caroline Watson21
11amTrisha Jenkinson13Barrie Watson21
Tuesday 27th Oct10amColin RoddaVOIDDave WaiteVOID
10amPete Charter17Sue Daplyn21
11amGordon McKeown12Ken Marshall21
11amEric Truman21Pete Hodgson14
12 noonGraham WalkerVOIDTrisha JenkinsonVOID
1pmKeith Watson21Rita Bland3
1pmRay Malton13Kev Daplyn21
2pmJohn Lloyd21Jean Cass11
2pmAlan Marshall5Liam Vasey21
3pmMick Gates13Hazel Marshall21
Friday 30th October10amColin RoddaVOIDShaughan TempleVOID
12 noonKen Marshall14Kev Daplyn21
1pmRita Bland20Eric Truman21

October Competition Final League Table

GROUP APete Charter7143
Kev Daplyn7135
Sue Daplyn7133
Kev Moss7130
Ray Malton7130
Geoff Dawson7121
Ken Marshall7108
Gordon McKeown7105
GROUP BShaughan Temple5105
Eric Truman5102
Keith Watson596
Dave Waite587
Rita Bland577
Pete Hodgson567
GROUP CCaroline Watson592
Robin Daplyn589
Barrie Watson589
Barry Gosling588
Heather Parkin575
Trisha Jenkinson566
GROUP DLes Ramm6118
John Lloyd6116
Hazel Marshall6114
Mick Gates6109
Jean Cass699
Liam Vasey698
Alan Marshall685

Cup Competitions 2020

DateTimeCompetitionWinnerRunner Up
12th July 202014.30Wally Day CupB WatsonR Daplyn
19th July 202014.30Potter Cup (Handicap)B DickensM Gates
26th July 202014.30Webb CupB DickensP Charter
2nd August 202014.30Malton Cup (Handicap)M PatchettD Pryce
9th August 202014.30Hutchinson CupB WatsonA Adamson
15th August 202014.30Maltby Ladies CupC WatsonP Gosling
16th August 202014.30Foxton CupL RammA Catterson
16th August 202014.30Russell Cup Over 65'sP CharterB Gosling
23rd August 202014.30Ted King DoublesL Ramm & R Daplyn
D Pryce & M Patchett
30th August 202014.30Club DoublesM Patchett & R Daplyn
R Bland & T Jenkinson
6th September 202014.30Nalton Mixed PairsR Bland & J Lloyd P Gosling & M Gates
Open Singles MeritCancelled due to Covid
Drawn Pairs MeritCancelled due to Covid
Renshaw Open Pairs MeritCancelled due to Covid
Over 60's Singles MeritCancelled due to Covid
May FestivalCancelled due to Covid
Hospital Cup FinalCancelled due to Covid
Terry Summersgill Memorial game
Borough v North Cliff
Cancelled due to Covid
Presentation Evening Cancelled due to Covid
All the above Competitions subject to Change

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