2021 Competition Results

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2021 Cup Winners

DateTimeCompetitionWinnerRunner Up
Sunday 9th May 2021April- May Doubles CompetitionMick and Jo GatesLes Ramm and Ken Marshall
Sunday 16th May 2021Wally Day CupLes RammBarrie Watson
Sunday 30th May 2021Potter Cup (Handicap)John LloydBarrie Watson
Sunday 6th June 2021Foxton CupRobin DaplynRay Malton
Sunday 13th June 2021.Maltby Ladies CupJo GatesCaroline Watson
Sunday 13th June 2021Russell CupLes RammBarry Gosling
Friday 2rd July 2021 Miller over 60's CupBill HoldsworthGeoff Watson
Saturday 3rd July 2021Club DoublesRobin Daplyn and Geoff DawsonTrish Jenkinson and Tony Bland
Saturday & Sunday 17th - 18th July 2021Malton Cup (Handicap)Dave PryceShaughan Temple
Monday 19th -Sunday 25th July 2021Webb CupBarrie WatsonCaroline Watson
Friday 30th July 2021 Over 60's Open Pairs MeritPete Charter & Barry GoslingBarrie Watson & Caroline Watson
Sunday 29th Aug 2021Ted King DoublesBarrie Watson & Pete HodgsonJoyce Barron & Robin Daplyn
Sunday 5th Sept 2021Hutchinson CupJohn LloydRobin Daplyn
Saturday 11th Sept 2021Nalton Mixed PairsRay Malton & Trish Jenkinson ( Unfortunately) Rita Bland had to retire in an earlier round)Jo Gates & Les Ramm
All the Above Competitions
maybe subject to change


Christmas Competition Fixtures 2021

Wed 15th Dec12 NoonT Bland & K Marshall21K Watson & R Malton18
Wed 15th Dec12 NoonS Temple & K Moss21J Lloyd & H Marshall4
Fri 17th Dec11:00R Bland & P Mouser15B Watson & E Truman21
Fri 17th Dec11:00T Bland & K Marshall21P Charter & P Hodgson8
Sat 18th Dec12 NoonC Watson & R Noble21B Gosling & Y Barker11
Sat 18th Dec12 NoonL Ramm & H Parkin18P Gosling & G Dawson21
Sat 18th Dec12 NoonS Wilkinson & P Allison16S Temple & K Moss21
Mon 20th Dec10:00J Anderson & D Waite21L Ramm & H Parkin11
Mon 20th Dec10:00B Gosling & Y Barker20R Bland & P Mouser21
Mon 20th Dec10:00K Watson & R Malton21P Charter & P Hodgson11
Mon 20th Dec12 NoonJ Lloyd & H Marshall21S Wilkinson & P Allison13
Tues 21st Dec12 NoonJ Anderson & D Waite18P Gosling & G Dawson21
Tues 21st Dec12 NoonB Watson & E Truman6C Watson & R Noble21
Tues 21st Dec12 NoonK Watson & R Malton4T Bland & K Marshall21
Thurs 23rd Dec11:00J Anderson & D Waite15P Gosling & G Dawson21
Thurs 23rd Dec11:00J Lloyd & H Marshall16S Temple & K Moss21
Mon 27th10:00P Gosling & G Dawson21L Ramm & H Parkin18
Mon 27th10:00P Charter & P Hodgson21T Bland & K Marshall15
Mon 27th10:00S Temple & K Moss21S Wilkinson & P Allison12
Mon 27th12 NoonB Watson & E Truman21B Gosling & Y Barker9
Tues 28th Dec10:00K Watson & R Malton21P Charter & P Hodgson11
Tues 28th Dec12 NoonJ Anderson & D WaiteVoidL Ramm & H ParkinVoid
Tues 28th Dec12 NoonC Watson & R Noble21R Bland & P Mouser16
Tues 28th Dec12 NoonS Wilkinson & P Allison10J Lloyd & H Marshall21
Friday 31st Dec12 NoonT Bland & K Marshall19S Temple & K Moss21SEMI FINALS
Saturday 1st Jan12 NoonC Watson & R Noble21P Gosling & G Dawson1
Mon 3rd Jan 202211:00S Temple & K Moss16C Watson & R Noble21FINAL

Christmas 2021 Competition League Table

GROUP AC Watson & R Noble484
R Bland & P Mouser352
B Watson & E Truman348
B Gosling & Y Barker340
GROUP BP Gosling & G Dawson585
J Anderson & D Waite354
L Ramm & H Parkin347
GROUP CT Bland & K Marshall597
K Watson & R Malton464
P Charter & P Hodgson451
GROUP DS Temple & K Moss5105
J Lloyd & H Marshall462
S Wilkinson & P Allison451

Nalton Mixed Pairs 2021

Nalton Mixed Pairs Sept 2021

Qualifying RoundRound 1Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Mon-Tues 6 & 7th SeptTues-Fri 7-10th SeptSaturday 11th Sept 1pmSaturday 11th Sept Saturday 11th Sept
G Dawson & H Parkin v A Marshall & J Barron 14-21A Marshall & J Barron 21A Marshall & J Barron. 14P Mouser & H Marshall. 6L Ramm & J Gates. 20Ray Malton & R Bland & T Jenkinson
R Noble & K Marshall 20
B Watson & T Jenkinson 20P Mouser & H Marshall. 21
P Mouser & H Marshall 21
K Moss & R Turner 4S Wilkinson & Y Barker. 12L Ramm & J Gates. 21
S Wilkinson & Y Barker 21
L Ramm & J Gates v G Walker & E Truman. 21-3L Ramm & J Gates 21L Ramm & J Gates. 21
S Temple & C Turner 10
R Daplyn & C Watson 7K Watson & J Cass 3D Pryce & P Hodgson 19Ray Malton & T Jenkinson. 21
K Watson & J Cass. 21
D Pryce & P Hodgson 21D Pryce & P Hodgson. 21
T Bland & P Gosling 12
R Malton & R Bland 21R Malton & R Bland. 21R Malton & R Bland ( injured) & T Jenkinson. 21
B Gosling & V Riches 10
A Catterton & P Allison v D Waite & J Plummer 16-21D Waite & J Plummer 21D Waite & J Plummer. 20
M Patchett & M Loyd 17

Hutchinson Cup Results

Hutchinson Cup 2021

Round 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Tues/Wed 31st Aug and 1st SeptWed/Thurs 1st & 2nd SeptSunday 5th Sept 1pmSunday 5th Sept 2pmSunday 5th Sept 3 pm
Kev Moss. 5J Lloyd. 21J Lloyd. 21J Lloyd. 21J Lloyd. 21J Lloyd
J Lloyd. 21
P Alison. 6G Walker. 4
G Walker. 21
S Temple. 21S Temple. 21S Temple. 18
J Plummer. 3
L Ramm. 21L Ramm. 14
R Turner. 4
H Marshall. 11P Mouser. 21P Mouser. 21P Mouser. 15
P Mouser. 21
J BarronJ Barron. 14
E Truman W/D
R Noble. 21R Noble. 21R Noble. 17
Y Barker. 10
M Light. 21M Light. 12
V Riches. 7
A Catterton. 21A Catterton. 14P Charter. 11R Daplyn. 21R Daplyn. 18
M Patchett. 11
P Charter. 21P Charter. 21
C Turner. 2
R Daplyn. 21R Daplyn. 21R Daplyn. 21
K Marshall. 18
B Gosling. 19J Gates. 13
J Gates. 21
C Watson. 10G Dawson. 21G Dawson. 6B Watson. 20
G Dawson. 21
D Waite. 18
H Parkin. 11
R Malton. 21R Malton. 6B Watson. 21
B Watson. 21

Ted King Doubles Results

Ted King Doubles 2021

Qualifying RoundQuarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Monday 6pmTues/ Wed 6pmSunday 12.00Sunday 13.30/14.00
Ronnie Noble & Kev Moss. 10Barry Gosling & Yvette Barker. 16Barrie Watson & Pete Hodgson. 21Barrie Watson & Pete Hodgson. 21Barrie Watson & Pete Hodgson
Barry Gosling & Yvette Barker. 21
Barrie Watson & Pete Hodgson. 21Barrie Watson & Pete Hodgson. 21
Alan Catterson & Ray Malton. 11
Geoff Dawson & Eric Truman. 10Shaughan Temple & Christine Turner. 2
Shaughan Temple & Christine Turner. 21
Robin Daplyn & Joyce Barron. 21Robin Daplyn & Joyce Barron. 21Robin Daplyn & Joyce Barron. 13
John Plummer & Russ Turner. 14
Dave Waite & Pauline Allison. 20Pete Charter & Heather Parkin. 18
Pete Charter & Heather Parkin. 21

Webb Cup Results

Webb Cup 2021

Round 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
John Lloyd 6Bob Dickens 21Bob Dickens. 19Caroline Watson. 11Barrie Watson
Bob Dickens 21
Les Ramm w/oLes Ramm 16
Colin Rodda
Kev Moss 19John Plummer 21John Plummer 4Caroline Watson. 21
John Plummer 21
Joyce Barron 11Ray Malton 18
Ray Malton 21
Pauline Allison w/oPauline Allison 16Caroline Watson 21
Yvette Barker
Caroline Watson 21Caroline Watson 21
Margaret Light 13
Ken Marshall 7Steve Price 21Steve PriceBarrie Watson. 21Barrie Watson. 21
Steve Price 21
Hazel Marshall w/oHazel Marshall 12
Robin Daplyn
Eric Truman 14Malcolm Patchett 17Barrie Watson w/o
Malcolm Patchett 21
Barrie Watson 21Barrie Watson 21
Heather Parkin 7
Mick Gates wdnByeDave Waite 5Jo Gates. 14
Geoff Dawson wdn
Janet Anderson 13Dave Waite
Dave Waite 21
Barry Gosling 21Barry Gosling 15Jo Gates 21
Russ Turner 7
Ronnie Noble 7Jo Gates 21
Jo Gates 21

Malton Cup Results

Malton Cup 2021 Preliminary Games

Saturday 17th July1pmHeather Parkin. (+ 9). 16vJanet Anderson.(+9). 21
Saturday 17th July1pmCaroline Watson. (+ 3). 21vPauline Allison. (+9). 18
Saturday 17th July1pmBarrie Watson. (-). 21vJohn Plummer. (+6). 12

Malton Cup 2021

Round 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Bob Dickens. (+3) 21Bob Dickens. (+3) 21Bob Dickens. (+3) 21Bob Dickens. (+3) 7Dave Pryce. (-) 21Dave Pryce
Allan Catterson. (+3) 11
Alan Marshall. (+6) 21Alan Marshall. (+6) 10
Malcolm Patchett. (+3) 9
Les Ramm. (-) 21Les Ramm. (-) 11John Lloyd. (-) 12
Ronnie Noble. (+9) 13
Ray Malton. (+3)John Lloyd. (-) 21
John Lloyd. (-)
Mick Gates. (+9) 20Christine Turner. (+9) 15Eric Truman. (+9) 19Dave Pryce. (-) 21
Christine Turner. (+9) 21
Eric Truman. (+9) 21Eric Truman. (+9) 21
Robin Daplyn. (+3) 17
Colin Rodda. (-) 18Dave Pryce. (-) 21Dave Pryce. (-) 21
Dave Pryce. (-) 21
Jo Gates. (-) 11Kev Daplyn. (+6) 13
Kev Daplyn. (+6) 21
Geoff Dawson. (+6)Shaughan Temple. (-) 21Shaughan Temple. (-) 21Shaughan Temple. (-) 21Shaughan Temple. (-) 10
Shaughan Temple. (-) w/o
Barry Gosling. (-) 19Joyce Barron. (+6) 15
Joyce Barron. (+6) 21
Russ Turner. (+9) 12Dave Waite. (+3) 16Keith Watson. (+3) 13
Dave Waite. (+3) 21
Trish Jenkinson. (+6)Keith Watson. (+3) 21
Keith Watson. (+3) w/o
Yvette Barker. (+9)Kev Moss. (+6) 8Pete Charter. (-) 15Barrie Watson. (-) 11
Kev Moss. (+6) w/o
Jean Cass. (+9) 14Pete Charter. (-) 21
Pete Charter. (-) 21
Steve Price. (-) 21Steve Price. (-) 11Barrie Watson. (-) 21
Janet Anderson (+9) 20
Caroline Watson (+3) 16Barrie Watson. (-) 21
Barrie Watson (-) 21


Club Doubles 2021

Semi FinalFinalWinner
Robin Daplyn & Geoff Dawson. 8Robin Daplyn & Geoff Dawson. 9Robin Daplyn & Geoff Dawson
Barrie Watson & Janet Anderson. 3
Tony Bland & Trish Jenkinson. 6Tony Bland & Trish Jenkinson. 3
Pete Charter & Graham Walker. 3

Maltby Ladies Cup RESULTS

Maltby Ladies Cup 2021

Round 1Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Wed 6pmWednesday 7pmSunday 13th JuneSunday 13th June
Rita BlandJanet Anderson 17Caroline Watson 19Jo Gates
Janet Anderson w/o
Pauline Allison 7Caroline Watson 21
Caroline Watson 21Caroline Watson 21
Jean Cass 2
Hazel Marshall 21Hazel Marshall 21Hazel Marshall 7Jo Gates 21
Anne Holmes 14
Margaret Light 21Margaret Light 19
Lynn Gates 14
Joyce Barron 15Jo Gates 21Jo Gates 21
Jo Gates 21
Di Purdy w/oDi Purdy 19
Heather Parkin


Russell over 65's Cup 2021

Round 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Monday 7th June 12 NoonFri 5 and 6pmFriday 7pmSunday 13th JuneSunday 13th June
Ray Malton w/oRay Malton 21Ray Malton 15Les Ramm 21Les Ramm
Rita Bland
Joyce Barron 21Joyce Barron 9
Hazel Marshall 5
Les Ramm 21Les Ramm 21Les Ramm 21
Pauline Allison 15
Eric Truman 21Eric Truman 3
Kev Moss 12
Heather Parkin w/oHeather Parkin 5Shaughan Temple 17Barry Gosling 6
Mick Gates
Shaughan Temple 21Shaughan Temple 21
Alan Catterson 10
Ken Marshall 5Barry Gosling 21Barry Gosling 21
Pete HodgsonBarry Gosling 21
Barry Gosling w/o
John Plummer 10Rob Dickens 21Rob Dickens 8
Rob Dickens 21
Pete Charter 21Pete Charter 18
Dave Waite 14

Foxton Novices Cup Results

Foxton Novices Cup 2021

Round 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Tuesday 1st June 4pmFriday 4th June 2-5-6pmFriday 4th June 3 and 7pmSunday 6th June 2pmSunday 6th June 3pm
Pete HodgsonRonnie Noble 7Robin Daplyn 21Robin Daplyn 21Robin Daplyn
Ronnie Noble w/o
Robin Daplyn w/oRobin Daplyn 21
Pauline Allison
Keith WatsonJanet Anderson 18Joyce Barron 17
Janet Anderson w/o
Paul RichmondJoyce Barron 21
Joyce Barron w/o
Jean Cass 5Ray Malton 21Ray Malton 21Ray Malton 5
Ray Malton 21
Eric Truman 21Eric Truman 12
Kev Moss 18
Ken Marshall 21Ken Marshall 17John Plummer 5Alan Catterson 16
Gordon McKeown 12
John Plummer w/oJohn Plummer 21
Margaret LLoyd
Kevin Daplyn 21Kevin Daplyn 14Alan Catterson 21
Hazel Marshall 5
Geoff Dawson 19Alan Catterson 21
Alan Caterson 21

Potter Cup Results

Potter Cup 2021

TimeRound 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Fri 5pm and 6pmFri 7pmSun 2pmSun 3pm
Janet Anderson. (+9) 18Barrie Watson (-) 21Barrie Watson (-) 21Barrie Watson (-) 12John Lloyd
Barrie Watson. (-) 21
John Plummer. (+9) 16Ray Malton (+3) 8
Mon 1pm.Ray Malton. (+3). 21Ray Malton. (+3) 21
Mon 1pm.Ken Marshall. (+9). 15
Mon 1pm.Keith Watson (+3). 21Keith Watson. (+3) 21Keith Watson (+3) 13Dave Pryce (-) 14
Mon 1pm.Paul Richmond. (+9). 12
Mon 12 Noon.Barry Gosling. (-). 21Barry Gosling. (-) 13
Mon 12 Noon.Malcolm Patchett. (+3). 19
Mon 11am.Gordon McKeown. (+9) 21Gordon McKeown (+9)Dave Pryce (-) 21
Mon 11am.Eric Truman. (+6) 14
Wed 5pm.Dave Pryce. (-) 21Dave Pryce (-) W/O
Wed 5pm.Les Ramm. (-) 16
Wed 5pm.Jo Gates. (-) 17Kev Moss (+9) 14Shaughan Temple (+3) 17Alan Marshall (+6) 16John Lloyd (-) 21
Wed 5pm.Kev Moss. (+9) 21
Mon 12 Noon.Hazel Marshall. (+9) 14Shaughan Temple (+3) 21
Mon 12 Noon.Shaughan Temple. (+3) 21
Mon 11am.Alan Marshall. (+6). 21Alan Marshall. (+6)21Alan Marshall (+6) 21
Mon 11am.Mick Gates. (-). 20
Mon 11am.James Temple. (+9). 21James Temple. (+9) 13
Mon 11am.Jean Cass. (+9). 15
Mon 12 Noon.Joyce Barron. (+3). 11Rita Bland. (-) 21Rita Bland (-) 20John Lloyd (-) 21
Mon 12 Noon.Rita Bland. (-). 21
Mon 2pm.Dave Waite. (+3) w/oDave Waite (+3) 17
Mon 2pm.Pete Hodgson. (+9)
Wed 6pm.Caroline Watson. (+3) 20Heather Parkin (+9) 13John Lloyd (-) 21
Wed 6pm.Heather Parkin. (+9) 21
Mon 2pm.Geoff Dawson. (+9). 15John Lloyd. (-) 21
Mon 2pm.John Lloyd. (-). 21

Wally Day Cup RESULTS

Wally Day Cup 2021 Preliminary Games

Monday 10th May6pm[11]. Dave Pryce
[21]. Colin Rodda
3pm[21]. Eric Truman
[8]. Pete Hodgson
3pm[21]. Malcolm Patchett
[12]. Les Harman
3pm[21]. Barrie Watson
[5]. Tony Bland
3pm[15]. Penny Gosling
[21]. Dave Waite

Wally Day Cup 2021

Round 1Round 2Quarter FinalSemi FinalFinalWinner
Monday to Wednesday 10-12th MayThursday 13th MayFriday 14th May at 6pmSunday 16th May at 2pmSunday 16th May at 3pm
[21]. Ray Malton
[Monday at 5pm]
[14]. Ray Malton[21]. Les Ramm[21]. Les Ramm[21]. Les Ramm Les Ramm
[1]. Heather Parkin
[Monday at 5pm]
[21]. Les Ramm
[Monday at 5pm]
[21]. Les Ramm
[19]. John Lloyd
[Monday at 5pm]
[16]. Barry Gosling
[Monday at 5pm]
[21]. Shaughan Temple[15]. Shaughan Temple
[21]. Shaughan Temple
[Monday at 5pm]
[8]. James Temple
[Tuesday at 10am]
[4]. Caroline Watson
[21]. Caroline Watson
[Tuesday at 10am]
[21]. Pete Charter
[Monday at 6pm]
[21]. Pete Charter[21]. Pete Charter[18]. Pete Charter
[4]. Janet Anderson
[Monday at 6pm]
[21]. Kev Daplyn
[Monday at 6pm]
[5]. Kev Daplyn
[16]. Ronnie Noble
[Monday at 6pm]
[21]. Robin Daplyn
[Monday at 5pm]
[21]. Robin Daplyn[15]. Robin Daplyn
[4]. Pauline Allison
[Monday at 5pm]
[21]. Jean Cass
[Monday at 6pm]
[1]. Jean Cass
[18]. Geoff Dawson
[Monday at 6pm]
[21]. Steve Taylor
[Tuesday at 5pm]
[8]. Steve Taylor[17]. Liam Vasey[12]. Keith Watson[12]. Barrie Watson
[8]. Joyce Barron
[Tuesday at 5pm]
[2]. Gordon McKeown
[Wednesday at 6pm]
[21]. Liam Vasey
[21]. Liam Vasey
[Wednesday at 6pm]
[13]. Margaret Light
[Wednesday at 5pm]
[18]. Mick Gates[21]. Keith Watson
[21]. Mick Gates
[Wednesday at 5pm]
[21]. Keith Watson
[Wednesday at 6pm]
[21]. Keith Watson
[11]. Kev Moss
[Wednesday at 6pm]
[21]. Rita Bland
[Tuesday at 5pm]
[19]. Rita Bland[8]. Colin Rodda[21]. Barrie Watson
[1]. John Plummer
[Tuesday at 5pm]
[13]. Graham Walker
[Wednesday at 6pm]
[21]. Colin Rodda
[21]. Colin Rodda
[Wednesday at 6pm]
[8]. Eric Truman
[Wednesday at 5pm]
[17]. Malcolm Patchett[21]. Barrie Watson
[21]. Malcolm Patchett
[Wednesday at 5pm]
[21]. Barrie Watson
[Wednesday at 5pm]
[21]. Barrie Watson
[5]. Dave Waite
[Wednesday at 5pm]


April - May Competition Week 1

Monday 19th April2pmSteve Taylor & Eric Truman13Bob Dickens & Pete Hodgson21
Monday 19th April2pmBarry Gosling & Trish Jenkinson10Ray Malton & Alan Marshall21
Monday 19th April5pmCaroline Watson & Pauline Alison17Andy Adamson & Kirby Beal21
Tuesday 20th April5pmLiam Vasey & Margaret Lloyd21Malcolm Patchett & Joyce Barron12
Thursday 22nd April10amPenny Gosling & Jean Cass11John Lloyd & Les Harman21
Thursday 22nd April2pmColin Rodda & Hazel Marshall20Sue Daplyn & Robin Daplyn21
Thursday 22nd April2pmRita Bland & Kev Moss19Les Ramm & Ken Marshall21
Friday 23rd April10amDave Waite & Gordon McKeown16Barrie Watson & John Plummer21
Friday 23rd April5pmLes Ramm & Ken Marshall19Mick Gates & Jo Gates21
Friday 23rd April6pmPete Charter & Heather Parkin21Keith Watson & Ronnie Noble8
Saturday 24th April10amMick Gates & Jo Gates21Malcolm Patchett & Joyce Barron11
Saturday 24th April10amTony Bland & Geoff Dawson21Shaughan Temple & James Temple20
Sunday 25th April10amCaroline Watson & Pauline Alison15Keith Watson & Ronnie Noble21
Sunday 25th April10amAndy Adamson & Kirby Beal21John Lloyd & Les Harman11

April - May Competition Week 2

Monday 26th April2pmRay Malton & Alan Marshall21Dave Waite & Gordon McKeown17
Monday 26th April5.30pmPete Charter & Heather Parkin21Penny Gosling & Jean Cass4
Monday 26th April5.30pmDave Pryce & Margaret Light15Barrie Watson & John Plummer21
Tuesday 27th April2pmColin Rodda & Hazel Marshall21Shaughan Temple & James Temple13
Tuesday 27th April2pmSteve Taylor & Eric Truman15Sue Daplyn & Robin Daplyn21
Tuesday 27th April5pmBob Dickens & Pete Hodgson13Tony Bland & Geoff Dawson21
Wednesday 28th April10amShaughan Temple & James Temple18Steve Taylor & Eric Truman21
Wednesday 28th April10amCaroline Watson & Pauline Alison21John Lloyd & Les Harman13
Wednesday 28th April2pmRita Bland & Kev Moss20Malcolm Patchett & Joyce Barron21
Wednesday 28th April5.30pmAndy Adamson & Kirby Beal21Penny Gosling & Jean Cass15
Wednesday 28th April5.30pmTony Bland & Geoff Dawson10Colin Rodda & Hazel Marshall21
Thursday 29th April10amBob Dickens & Pete Hodgson6Sue Daplyn & Robin Daplyn21
Thursday 29th April5.30pmDave Waite & Gordon McKeown21Dave Pryce & Margaret Light0
Thursday 29th April5.30pmTony Bland & Geoff Dawson21Sue Daplyn & Robin Daplyn12
Friday 30th April2pmShaughan Temple & James Temple21Bob Dickens & Pete Hodgson7
Friday 30th April5.30pmAndy Adamson & Kirby Beal21Keith Watson & Ronnie Noble16
Saturday 1st May10amPete Charter & Heather Parkin16John Lloyd & Les Harman21
Saturday 1st May10amMick Gates & Jo Gates21Liam Vasey & Margaret Lloyd14
Sunday 2nd May10amCaroline Watson & Pauline Alison19Pete Charter & Heather Parkin21
Sunday 2nd May10amMick Gates & Jo Gates19Rita Bland & Kev Moss21
Sunday 2nd May12noonKeith Watson & Ronnie Noble13John Lloyd & Les Harman21

April - May Competition Week 3

Monday 3rd May10amSteve Taylor & Eric Truman21Colin Rodda & Hazel Marshall4
Monday 3rd May12noonBarry Gosling & Trish Jenkinson21Barrie Watson & John Plummer11
Tuesday 4th May2pmBarry Gosling & Trish Jenkinson21Dave Waite & Gordon McKeown7
Tuesday 4th May5.30pmLes Ramm & Ken Marshall21Liam Vasey & Margaret Lloyd6
Tuesday 4th May5.30pmRay Malton & Alan Marshall19Dave Pryce & Margaret Light21
Wednesday 5th May2pmCaroline Watson & Pauline Alison21Penny Gosling & Jean Cass8
Wednesday 5th May5.30pmPete Charter & Heather Parkin11Andy Adamson & Kirby Beal21
Wednesday 5th May5.30pmSue Daplyn & Robin Daplyn21Shaughan Temple & James Temple9
Thursday 6th May2pmLes Ramm & Ken Marshall21Malcolm Patchett & Joyce Barron12
Thursday 6th May2pmRay Malton & Alan Marshall15Barrie Watson & John Plummer21
Thursday 6th May5.30pmPenny Gosling & Jean Cass19Keith Watson & Ronnie Noble21
Thursday 6th May5.30pmRita Bland & Kev Moss21Liam Vasey & Margaret Lloyd14
Friday 7th May2pmBob Dickens & Pete Hodgson19Colin Rodda & Hazel Marshall21
Friday 7th May5.30pmSteve Taylor & Eric Truman16Tony Bland & Geoff Dawson21
Friday 7th May5.30pmBarry Gosling & Trish Jenkinson7Dave Pryce & Margaret Light21
Friday 7th May16.30
Quarter FinalsMick & Jo Gates21Barrie Watson & John Plummer13
Sunday 9th May9.30Andy Adamson & Kirby Beal18Les Ramm & Ken Marshall21
Sunday 9th May10.30Ray Malton & Alan Marshall21Colin Rodda & Hazel Marshall17
Sunday 9th May10.30Tony Bland & Geoff Dawson20Caroline Watson & Pauline Alison21
Semi Finals
Sunday 9th May14.30Mick & Jo Gates21Ray Malton & Alan Marshall14
Sunday 9th May14.30Les Ramm & Ken Marshall21Caroline Watson & Pauline Alison19
Grand Final
Sunday 9th MayMick & Jo Gates21Les Ramm & Ken Marshal7
WINNERSMick & Jo Gates

April - May 2021 Competition League Table

GROUP AAndy Adamson & Kirby Beal5105
Caroline Watson & Pauline Alison593
Pete Charter & Heather Parkin590
John Lloyd & Les Harman587
Keith Watson & Ronnie Noble579
Penny Gosling & Jean Cass557
GROUP BMick Gates & Jo Gates482
Les Ramm & Ken Marshall482
Rita Bland & Kev Moss481
Malcolm Patchett & Joyce Barron456
Liam Vasey & Margaret Lloyd455
GROUP CRay Malton & Alan Marshall476
Barrie Watson & John Plummer474
Dave Waite & Gordon McKeown461
Barry Gosling & Trish Jenkinson459
Dave Pryce & Margaret Light457
GROUP DSue Daplyn & Robin Daplyn (withdrawn due to injury)00
Tony Bland & Geoff Dawson594
Colin Rodda & Hazel Marshall587
Steve Taylor & Eric Truman586
Shaughan Temple & James Temple581
Bob Dickens & Pete Hodgson566


April Competition Fixtures Week 1

Wednesday 7th April5pmHeather Parkin21Gordon McKeown6
Wednesday 7th April5pmJoyce Barron20Kev Daplyn21
Wednesday 7th April5pmBarry Gosling19Pete Charter21
Thursday 8th April10amRobin Daplyn16Les Ramm21
Thursday 8th April10amBarrie Watson21Pete Charter14
Thursday 8th April10amPete Hodgson21Gordon McKeown5
Thursday 8th April12 noonRita Bland21Caroline Watson11
Thursday 8th April12 noonJohn Plummer20Sue Daplyn21
Thursday 8th April12 noonTrish Jenkinson21Kev Moss17
Thursday 8th April3pmKeith Watson20Ray Malton21
Thursday 8th April3pmGeoff Dawson11Alan Marshall21
Thursday 8th April3pmPenny Gosling16Malcolm Patchett21
Thursday 8th April6pmBarry Gosling21Shaughan Temple13
Thursday 8th April6pmDave Waite15Liam Vasey21
Saturday 10th April10amJean Cass18Eric Truman21
Saturday 10th April10amHeather Parkin14Pete Hodgson21
Saturday 10th April10amLiam Vasey13Les Ramm21

April Competition Fixtures Week 2

Monday 12th April1pmRita Bland10Penny Gosling21
Monday 12th April1pmKeith Watson21Geoff Dawson14
Monday 12th April1pmJohn Plumber19Jean Cass21
Monday 12th April6pmHeather Parkin8Pete Hodgson21
Monday 12th April6pmPete Charter21Shaughan Temple13
Tuesday 13th April1pmBarrie Watson21Barry Gosling14
Tuesday 13th April1pmRobin Daplyn20Dave Waite21
Tuesday 13th April1pmGordon McKeown14Pete Hodgson21
Tuesday 13th April2pmTrish Jenkinson6Joyce Barron21
Tuesday 13th April2pmKev Moss10Kev Daplyn21
Tuesday 13th April2pmCaroline Watson21Malcolm Patchett14
Tuesday 13th April3pmRay Malton21Alan Marshall8
Tuesday 13th April3pmSue Daplyn11Eric Truman21
Wednesday 14th April6pmEric Truman21John Plumber16
Wednesday 14th April6pmMalcolm Patchett21Rita Bland13
Wednesday 14th April6pmHeather ParkinVoidGordon McKeownVoid
Thursday 15th April2pmKev Daplyn21Trish Jenkinson8
Thursday 15th April2pmJean Cass21Sue Daplyn19
Thursday 15th April2pmPenny Gosling19Caroline Watson21
Thursday 15th April6pmLiam Vasey21Robin Daplyn8
Thursday 15th April6pmShaughan Temple21Barrie Watson16
Thursday 15th April6pmAlan Marshall19Keith Watson21
Friday 16th April2pmDave Waite11Les Ramm21
Friday 16th April2pmGeoff Dawson5Ray Malton21
Friday 16th April2pmJoyce Barron21Kev Moss17
Saturday 17th April
Quarter Finals12.00Barrie Watson21Les Ramm7
12.00Malcolm Patchett18Joyce Barron21
13.00Ray Malton19Kev Daplyn21
13.00Eric Truman21Pete Hodgson10
Sunday 18th April
Semi Finals2pmBarrie Watson21 Joyce Barron14
Handicapped GamesKev Daplyn18Eric Truman21
Sunday 18th April
GRAND FINALBarrie Watson19Eric Truman21

April 2021 Competition League Table

GROUP ABarrie Watson358
Pete Charter356
Barry Gosling354
Shaughan Temple347
GROUP BLes Ramm363
Liam Vasey355
Dave Waite347
Robin Daplyn344
GROUP CMalcolm Patchett356
Penny Gosling356
Caroline Watson353
Rita Bland344
GROUP DRay Malton363
Keith Watson362
Alan Marshall348
Geoff Dawson330
GROUP EKev Daplyn363
Joyce Barron362
Kev Moss344
Trish Jenkinson335
GROUP FEric Truman363
Jean Cass360
John Plummer355
Sue Daplyn351
GROUP GPete Hodgson484
Heather Parkin343
Gordon McKeown325

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